Important Update from City of Gold Coast and FLEXiSKiP:

Please note that any FLEXiSKiPs ordered through the City’s ‘On-demand Bulky Kerbside Collection Service’ from January 2020 to June 2023 that have not been used will no longer be eligible for service.
Ready for a fresh start? Order your new 2024 FLEXiSKiP today!
To divert your unused FLEXiSKiP from landfill, place it into your next On-demand Bulky Kerbside Collection.

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The on-demand bulky kerbside collection service is available for eligible residents.

Eligible City of Gold Coast residents can access an on-demand bulky kerbside collection service through Handel, an authorised partner of City of Gold Coast. By choosing us, you are moving closer to a socially and environmentally responsible bulky items removal.

Check service eligibility on your property now.

What we do

what we do

Divert your waste from landfill

Start your eco waste management journey with FLEXiSKiP. We offer a practical, local skip bag solution for home DIY project, garden or shed clean-up, or general rubbish removal.

1 Free Service

For Gold Coast residences

Within 2-3 business days

Delivered to your door

What we offer

what we offer

FLEXiSKiP Pickup

When your FLEXiSKiP is full, it’s time to get it collected. You can request your collection at anytime, weekends included.

Request anytime

Weekends included

Within 3 business days

Collection for disposal

How it works

Requesting a FLEXiSKIP

If you are an eligible resident you can order your FLEXiSKiP and collection when you are ready to complete your kerbside clean-up. While the service remains free for those who comply with the terms and conditions, a charge will apply for non-compliance.

Requesting a FLEXiSKiP is easy
  • Check your address eligibility
  • Sign-up using your email
  • Enter contact details
  • Finalise your order
  • FLEXiSKiP will arrive in a small satchel to your property in up to 5 days of your order.

When using your FLEXiSKIP

  • Unpack your satchel and place your FLEXiSKiP within 4 metres of the street kerb or driveway. It cannot be behind your fence as we cannot drive on to your property due to the size of the collection vehicle.
  • Only unpack your FLEXiSKiP when you are ready to use it. Remember to make sure there are no obstructions like powerlines, trees, driveways, pathways and cars as this will prevent collection.
  • Your FLEXiSKiP must also not obstruct a public footpath.
  • The FLEXiSKiP must be accessible to be collected by a vehicle from the road.

Now you’re ready to fill your FLEXiSKiP (which is a 3m3 purpose built bag) with acceptable items from around the home, as per the instructions below.
When you’re done, login to the Handel web portal using your email. Then follow the prompts to book in your collection.

The service is on-demand so your FLEXiSKiP must be available for pickup at time of booking a collection.

Using Your FLEXiSKiP

How it works

Unpack when you are ready to use

Let’s grab your FLEXiSKiP out of its satchel (it’s super light) and lay it out flat, ready to be filled.

Service Details

Collection acceptance items

What we take

Soft furnishings and large furniture

Like cupboards, couches, desks, drawers and even the dog house.


Such as timber, lino and those ugly retro tiles which have lasted the test of time.

Soft flooring and mattresses

Rugs, carpet, mattresses and air mattresses; we'll take them all. All items must be able to fit into the FLEXiSKiP to be collected.

Household Waste

From kitchen scraps to old newspapers, we handle all types of household waste.

Green Waste

Light garden waste including shrubs, grass clippings twigs etc.

Electrical items

Microwaves, fridges, washing machines, toasters and more.

What we don't take

Food or putrescible items

Any type of food and putrescibles (likely to decay, spoil or putrefy).


Any types of batteries and mobile phones including batteries from vehicles.


Items such as paint, oils, solvents, poisons, chemicals and concrete.


Asbestos, insulation, empty chemical containers, fibro sheets and tyres.

Glass and mirrors

Any kind of glass and mirrors including the ones from vehicles or tableware.

Items outside the FLEXiSKiP

Our drivers will not pickup any item outside of the FLEXiSKiP. Council may consider these items to be rubbish illegally dumped on public land.

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